Reccommended facials


Exfoliate, regenerate, hydrate, relax and enjoy a deep cleansing facial experience with any of our five recommended facials. Each facial is unique and targeted to a specific skin type and skin condition. We have been a proud supporter of Dermalogica for the past 20 years and are pleased to offer a myriad of Dermalogica facial products for all skin types and conditions.


To help determine your skin type and condition, a thorough analysis is performed by our skin care specialist, Genevieve A. Dobiesz.




Classic European Facial _________$65


Age Smart Facial _________$75


Acne _________$75


Sensitive Skin Treatment _________$65


Back Facial _________$60

Genvieve A. Dobiez

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Classic European Facial


The classic European facial is the perfect maintenance that allows the skin to look and feel fresh and vibrant. It’s a perfect introductory into the world of skin care and maintenance. You will receive proper skin service for your specific skin type/condition and be educated on how to maintain and cultivate a healthy environment for your skin.


Age Smart Facial


As time goes on your skin ages. The longer you have been on this earth the longer you have been exposed to environmental factors such as the sun and air pollutants. The effect on the skin includes winkles, age spots, and fine lines. With proper care you can reduce fine lines and rejuvenate your skin. Dermalogica has developed a skin care line targeted to treat skin that has been exposed to years of environmental factors.




For over 25 years Genevieve has been treating acne in adults and youths. Understanding people's quest for calming and controlling skin breakouts, motivated Genevieve to study at The International Dermal Institute on proper care and maintenance for acne prone skin. Guidance and literature will be provided as well as a personalized plan for your specific skin type.

Sensitive Skin Treatment


Calms sensitive and sensitized skin due to environmental factors, skin disorders and allergic reactions.

Back Facials


Often times neglected, and notably understandable that the back is quite difficult to reach, nonetheless, the back must be cleansed. Over time your sebaceous glands clog up and allow a perfect environment for black heads and blemishes to arise. The back facial will focus on the areas that were missed by normal home care, reaching areas that a washcloth may have missed. Genevieve means it when she says "I got your back!"


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